Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just MAUI-ied <3

So the wedding was a dream and so much fun....but after all the excitement, we needed some relaxation!!! We woke up Sunday morning in our suite at The St. Regis and could not believe we were finally Mr. and Mrs. Creer! It was such a peaceful feeling. We started our day off with our butler bringing us coffee and pastries. We spent the morning on the balcony talking all about the night before. It was so fun to hear his perspective of the day. We then checked out and jumped in the decked out Mini Cooper and took the long journey of about 2 minutes to The Ritz Carlton Lagune Niguel. I must say, I was VERY impressed with the service there! We got upgraded to an amazing ocean front room. The view was spectacular! They brought us champagne and Cam ordered a cheese plate to go with. So it is all set up on our balcony (rose petals and all!) and Cam's mom and some of the fam dropped by to give us some of our cake to enjoy from the night before. So we left our lovely arrangement to meet them in the lobby and were gone for about 20 minutes or so. When we got back all our cheese was gone. So the first thing I think is that the neighbors must have helped themselves. But then we actually got real and realized the birds enjoyed themselves to a little afternoon snack of a $30 cheese plate! We were cracking up because only Cam and I would leave food on the balcony when there is a little sign in the room that says, "Do not leave food on balcony, birds will eat!". Oh well, at least they didn't drink our champagne! We spent the whole day and night relaxing on the balcony and on the bluff in front of the room overlooking the ocean. It was the perfect start to our marriage!

Monday we woke up and checked out. We really wanted to stay longer, but we got over it real quick considering we were jetting off to Maui in just a few hours! I slipped on my "Just Married" tank and off we went! We got to Maui pretty late. It was about 11 pm and we were starving! We went through the drive through at McDonald's and there was a super long line. We waited and waited and when it was finally our turn, they turned out the lights! We were so tired that we just laughed and headed on to our hotel. We checked into The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua around 12 and got room service. We were pretty much falling asleep eating our food around 1 am!

Our days in Kapaula consisted of eating a TON (I seriously could not wait to eat again, I pretty much was starving for the 3 months prior to the wedding making sure I would fit in my dress....too bad the dress ended up being a little big!), sleeping, hanging out in the hammocks and frolicking in the waves and pool. It was fantastic! After a few days in Kapalua, we drove to Wailea and checked into the Four Seasons, Maui. This is our favorite we were super super excited. They had just opened a new pool 3 days before we checked in! It was the most amazing Serenity Pool. It was adults only, no cell phones, no noise at all. It was a dream! They even brought us a bottle of Domaine Carneros champagne which is the same kind of champagne Cam had brought to our room in Napa! It was such a neat coincidence! We spent most of our time at the pool relaxing. One day we rented a cabana that was out of this world. It had a flat screen tv with wireless head phones, a couch, fridge, lounge chairs, internet, the works! That was one of the most relaxing days I have had in a long long time! The only real activity we were planning on doing was zip lining but we didn't get around to making a reservation until 3 days before we had to leave and of course they had no reservations left! We are such dorks! We'll just have to do it next time :-) We were also going to do the paddle boards where you stand on the long boards and paddle around. But I was worried I would fall off and get eaten by a we stayed on land :-)

We were a little sad when we had to leave but we know we will be back soon and we were super excited to get home and move into our new place as husband and wife! We are already starting to plan our 1 year anniversary trip........we are thinking maybe Tahiti.....we are just the biggest suckers for tropical getaways!!!!

Enjoy all the pics!!!!


Rachel Ricchio said...

i LOVE that you have joined the blog train!!! HA. your wedding was a DREAM! love you guys.

Tara and Bob said...

Great pictues, sooo much fun! Glad your honeymoon was amazing!

darci said...

What a ridiculously fantastic honeymoon. You'll always have some fun memories of that trip to tell your kids and grandkids:) Loved "being there".